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Unlocking Innovation for a Sustainable Energy Future

Are you ready to revolutionize the future of energy? Join us at the Hackathon on Coal Gasification, where brilliant minds converge to explore cutting-edge solutions in the realm of coal gasification. This dynamic event is your gateway to innovation, offering a platform to ideate, collaborate, and bring groundbreaking ideas to life.

At the forefront of energy transformation, our Hackathon on Coal Gasification is a beacon for those passionate about sustainable energy solutions. Dive into the heart of coal gasification, where each line of code and every creative spark contributes to shaping the future of clean energy.

Why Coal Gasification?

Discover the potential of coal gasification – a key player in the transition towards cleaner energy sources. This hackathon is your chance to delve into this transformative process, exploring new horizons and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Coal gasification holds the promise of efficient, low-emission energy, and we invite you to be part of the journey.

Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited (CMPDI), a subsidiary of Coal India Ltd. (CIL), stands as a specialized consultant for the mineral and mining sector, is organizing a hackathon on coal gasification, on behalf of the Ministry of Coal, which is a focused initiative to address critical challenges of the energy sector. The Government of India has set a target of 100 MT coal gasification by 2030.

Serving as a beacon of creativity, this event provides participants with a platform to craft groundbreaking solutions for coal sector and the broader industry. With a strategic emphasis on advancing gasification technology, the hackathon represents a concise and impactful collaboration between industry and government, driving innovation for a more efficient and sustainable future in mining.

This hackathon encourages participants to push the boundaries of traditional problem-solving, fostering ongoing research and development. The collaboration between CMPDI and the Ministry of Coal signifies a concerted effort to leverage collective expertise for the greater good of the mining sector.

The event offers numerous advantages, allowing participants to sharpen their problem-solving and critical thinking skills while gaining fresh expertise. Beyond networking, it serves as a dynamic platform for professionals from various backgrounds—engineers, designers, programmers, scientists, entrepreneurs and start-ups—to build relationships and establish impactful partnerships, amplifying the collaborative effort towards innovative solutions for challenges within the mining industry.

With inclusivity spanning startups, research organizations, academic institutes, corporations, and non-profit entities, the hackathon embraces a diverse range of stakeholders. This inclusivity fosters an abundant source of ideas and perspectives, cultivating an innovative culture within the mining sector.

1) Stage 1: Registration 

Organizations must register as a single entity using a single email ID. Each organization must register only once, and all the members within one organization must not register individually. All organizations will have to provide proof of eligibility by filling up the form while registering (as mentioned in “Eligibility Criteria”). CMPDI will cross check the eligibility as per the criteria before proceeding to the next stage. All ineligible organizations will be removed and will not be allowed to proceed to the next stage. Registrations will be closed before proceeding to the next phase.

Opening date for submission of proposals is on April 1st, 2024 from 10.00 AM.

Closing date for submission of proposals is on April 30th, 2024 by 09.00 PM.

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2) Stage 2: Online Presentation

Maximum 10 proposals on each problem statement will be selected for presentation based on the selection criteria. Decision of mentor/evaluator regarding selection of proposal for presentation will be treated as final.

After closing of the proposal submission timeline, a separate slot will be provided for presentation on the selected proposals on each problem statement. It is to be done online. Participants have to choose a preferred slot as per their convenience & availability.


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Optimizing Coal Gasification for Sustainable Energy Solutions

Coal plays a pivotal role in boosting a country's economy, and India is privileged to possess vast coal reserves. The optimal utilization of this resource can be achieved by exploring alternative uses through the application of Clean Coal Technologies. This is particularly crucial for India as it has revised its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), aiming to reduce the emissions intensity of its GDP by an ambitious 45 percent by 2030 compared to the 2005 level, surpassing the earlier target of 30%-35% below the 2005 level by 2030.

A strategic approach to Clean Coal Technology involves coal gasification, which, when coupled with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology, can significantly reduce environmental footprints. The outcome of coal gasification is syn-gas, a blend primarily comprising carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide gases, with associated Gross Calorific Value (energy content). This syn-gas serves as a versatile precursor to clean energy products, including electricity, hydrogen, and synthetic fuels.

The composition and calorific values of syn-gas depend on factors such as the type of coal fuel, gasifying media, and operating parameters of the gasifiers. The resulting syn-gas can be efficiently converted into various valuable substances, such as chemicals, fertilizers, petrochemicals, hydrogen, and Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG). This transformation not only enhances domestic production but also reduces India's import dependency, contributing to energy security.

India has set ambitious targets on multiple fronts to pave the way for a sustainable and cleaner energy future. The coal gasification initiative, aiming for 100 million tons, underscores the nation's commitment to transforming its energy landscape. Simultaneously, addressing fossil fuel dependency is a cornerstone of India's sustainable energy agenda. With a commitment of reducing fossil fuel dependency by 45% by 2030, the nation is steering towards a diversified energy portfolio, embracing renewables, and promoting energy efficiency measures. Furthermore, India is poised to enhance its carbon sequestration efforts by establishing an additional carbon sink of 2-3 billion tons. This reduction not only contributes to environmental preservation but also enhances energy security and resilience. This strategy not only aligns with environmental goals but also signals a shift towards cleaner and more efficient utilization of coal resources.

Furthermore, the adoption of Clean Coal Technologies aligns with the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan (Self-Reliant India Campaign) by bolstering the nation's self-sufficiency in producing chemicals and fertilizers. It also harnesses a vital natural resource to meet the energy and chemical needs of the nation, fostering economic independence and environmental sustainability simultaneously. The integration of these technologies signifies a forward-looking approach for India, ensuring responsible resource utilization in the pursuit of a cleaner and more resilient energy future.

R&D based Pilot Coal Gasification Plant have been demonstrated by different agencies in India which is as given below:

1. Agency-1

  • 150t of coal/day Fixed Bed Lurgi Gasifier integrated with 6.3 MW IGCC Electric Power Generating facility. Work on IGCC development in India was taken up by one of the leading PSU in early eighties.
  • 1.2 TPD PFBG based Oxy-blown gasification & Methanol plant established.
  • 0.25 TPD Coal to Methanol plant is the first indigenous methanol plant established in 2021.
2. Agency-2
  • 1 TPD fluidized bed coal gasification pilot plant Established in 2014 with DST funding under the aegis of NITI Aayog, in 2022 it has been scaled up to 6 TPD coal to methanol fluidised bed coal gasification.
3. Agency-3
  • Developed 1.5 TPD Oxygen Enriched Pressurised Fluidized Bed Gasifier (PFBG).
  • 15-20 kg/hr of coal throughput- Bubbling Fluidized Bed gasifier established in 2009.
  • Developed 250 kg/day Syngas to Methanol Plant Advanced Dual Bed Gasifier in 2022.

In the realm of gasification's vast potential, we find ourselves navigating through obstacles that hinder the realization of maximum efficiency. The intricacies of handling high ash coal, reducing environmental impact, choosing fitting end products, and seamlessly integrating gasification into sustainable energy ecosystems pose formidable challenges. In response to this intricate landscape, the hackathon beckons creative minds to weave innovative ideas capable of reshaping the very fabric of the coal gasification process. The ultimate quest is to transcend these challenges and unlock novel possibilities. Envisioned as a transformative journey, the hackathon seeks solutions that gracefully scale, poised for demonstration or commercial replication within the intricate tapestry of coal companies.

Note: Mandatory requirements for Proposal Submission -

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2) Presentation Template (in PPT format; this can be updated during the final phase)

Problem Statement 1
Problem Statement 2

End-product optimisation of coal gasification

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Problem Statement 3

Technology Advancement for Efficiency Enhancement in coal gasification

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Problem Statement 4

Emission Reduction in coal gasification

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Problem Statement 5

Utilization of by-Product produced in gasification process

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Problem Statement 6

Prizes INR 9,00,000 in prizes

Main Prizes
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INR 4,00,000
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